Electrostatic precipitators by OekoSolve – Filter for woody biomass heating


OekoSolve is a developer and manufacturer of electrostatic precipitators (ESP) for woody biomass heaters up to 3 MW and the wood chip dryer Neviro with an integrated electrostatic precipitator up to 10 MW. The particulate filters, which are based on the electrostatic principle, ensure the compliance with the statutory regulations with regard to the maximum permissible particulate matter load for wood combustion systems. The fine dust filters can be used in any wood stoves for pellets, wood chips and wood logs.

The particulate separators are mounted either at the end of the smoke stack or directly behind the wood stoves. The new OekoTube-Inside up to 100 kW can also be walled in. Due to the in-house production of the fine dust filters, individual customer solutions regarding specific dimensions and installation requirements can be resolved in almost all cases. Experts are at your disposal to address your needs.

OekoSolve AG customers value the manufacturer’s many years of expertise with innovative developments of electrostatic fine dust filters for residential buildings as well as agricultural and industrial wood boiler systems. In addition, the OekoAWT and fuel dryer Neviro exhaust gas heat exchanger developed by OekoSolve increase the energy efficiency of these systems.

Electrostatic particle separators (ESP)

Production Buildig  of OekoSolve AG

Production building of OekoSolve AG
  • For home wood heating systems

Up to 100 kW

  • Up to 300 kW
  • Up to 3 MW
  • Up to 800 kW

Wood Chip Dryer & Heat Recovery

Wood energy – sustainable and climate-friendly

We support the use of wood as a local source of energy, as woody biomass generates a high regional economic added value with a net-zero CO2 footprint and therefore is considered climate-neutral. The application of fine dust ESPs typically allows you to comply with the PM-emission limits required by law and thereby significantly contribute to an improved local ambient air quality standard.

All electrostatic precipitators (ESP) by OekoSolve have a particularly high degree of separation, and are easy to maintain and operate. We are happy to advise you on the most suitable fine dust filter for your individual needs and thanks to our own production can also deliver this in a timely fashion.

Please contact us. We will gladly advise you.