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Downloads, manuals and information of all OekoSolve Products. Electrostatic precipitators, wood chip dryer and heat exchanger.

Electrostatic precipitators for wood firings

OekoTube-Inside. Up to 100 kW


OekoTube-Inside 130
OekoTube-Inside 130, Flue installation
OekoTube-Inside 130-500

OekoTube-Inside 150
OekoTube-Inside 150, Flue installation
OekoTube-Inside 150-500

OekoTube-Inside 180
OekoTube-Inside 180, Flue installation
OekoTube-Inside 180-500
OekoTube-Inside 180-1000

OekoTube-Inside 200
OekoTube-Inside 200, Flue installation
OekoTube-Inside 200-1000

Wall mounting

In addition, reduction and expansion units with different diameters are available. These provide a seamless transition between the flue and the OekoTube-Inside, if the flue and the electrostatic precipitator have different diameters.

OekoTube. Up to 50 kW
FilterBox up to 800 kW.

Heat recovery system


General Information

Wood chip dryer


General information

Flyer (pdf)

Dimensional Drawings
Note:The dimensions depend on the performance and exhaust gas temperature.

2.5 MW
4 MW