FilterBox: Electrostatic precipitator (ESP) for your wood stoves

Up to 800 kW

The particle separator FilterBox reduces emissions of woody biomass heat sources considerably. The electrostatic precipitator (ESP) is suitable for all types of wood stoves which use firewood, wood chips or pellets with a capacity of up to 800 kW.

The FilterBox is characterized by its high fine dust removal efficiency of up to 85%. This allows the use of a downstream exhaust gas heat exchanger, which increases the efficiency of your heating system.


The FilterBox is mounted directly behind the wood stove and is available in different sizes for wood stoves of up to 300 kW

Maintentance & Cleaning

filterbox-verschmutzungThe particulate matter deposits and the electrode are automatically cleaned with water. The cleaning invervals are preset.


FilterBox 4 200, wood chip firing 240 kW-W40, retirement home in Steckborn TG, Switzerland Details following shortly Details following shortly Filterbox in Gap, France


Electrostatic precipitator FilterBox


    • Very effective dust separation
    • Automatic filter cleaning
    • Sturdy and low maintenance
    • Outputs up to 800 kW
    • Low energy consumption
    • For pellet, firewood and wood chip stoves


    • Electrical connection 230V AC
    • Connection to waste water / fresh water