Neviro is a combined woody biomass dryer with an integrated particulate matter filter

Up to 10 MW

Efficient electrostatic precipitator with an integrated fuel dryer for wet wood chips

How it works

Exhaust gases from the combustion of moist wood usually leave the boiler systems at a temperature range of 140 to 200°C. The Neviro exhaust system utilizes the heat energy of the exhaust gas to pre-dry the wet fuel.

The moist wood is initially fed into the system on a belt dryer. The wood bed passes through the dry exhaust gas of the boiler system and releases the moisture into the exhaust gas. The saturated exhaust gas then flows through the downstream wet electrostatic precipitator.
The pre-drying of the wet wood chips is performed automatically at a feed rate equivalent to the fuel demand of the furnace.

The performance of the Neviro dryer is determined by the temperature and humidity of the exhaust gas. For instance, wood chips with a moisture content of 55% can be dried to 35% moisture with an exhaust gas temperature of 180 degrees Celsius. This leads to a substantial improvement in the combustion quality at partial and full loads.

An initial separation of coarse dust in the flue gas occurs during the passage of the wood chips over the belt dryer. Subsequently, the saturated flue gas is cleaned by the integrated wet electrostatic precipitator.

The saturated exhaust gases enter the electrostatic precipitator. As a result, the electrostatic precipitator is permanently in wet operation (wet electrostatic precipitator). The cleaning of the separator takes place automatically and continuously with the condensation water. The pressure drop of the Neviro is about 500 Pa.




General information

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Dimensional Drawings
Note: The dimensions depend on the rating and exhaust gas temperature.

2.5 MW
4 MW


Teilansicht des Hackschnitzeltrockners Neviro mit Feinstaubfilter Teilansicht des Hackschnitzeltrockers bei Konrad Keller AG Hackschnitzeltrockner Neviro mit integriertem Abscheider
Wood chip dryer Neviro at Konrad Keller AG in Unterstammheim, Switzerland Impression of installed details Easy maintenance Neviro during transport

Neviro during transport


    • Fuel dryer combined with an electrostatic separator
    • Permanent fuel savings of 6 – 15%
    • Compliance with emission limits for partial and full loads
    • Operation independent of the exhaust gas temperature
    • Heat recovery, even at partial load operation
    • Operational optimization through remote maintenance