OekoRona M - Electrostatic precipitator for wood-fired systems

Up to 3 MW

The precipitator OekoRona M is operated with the electrostatic principle and reduces the particulate matter emissions of automatic wood-fired systems with outputs between 200 kW and 3 MW. The modular design allows installations on both new and existing systems. The mechanical cleaning mechanism enables a fully automatic operation of the separator and reduces maintenance to a minimum.

Operating Principle

The particles contained in the raw flue gas are charged by high-voltage electrodes and adhere to the inner wall of the separator tubes.


The OekoRona M is preferably mounted directly after the boiler system in the boiler room. Due to the modular design, it is possible to install the filter in individual segments in spacially constrained installations.

Operation and Maintenance

The operating parameters of the electrostatic precipitator OekoRona M can be set through a touch display. A sliding device mechanically scrapes off the separated particulate matter from the internal tubes which fall into a sump at the bottom of the filter box. An automatic auger transports the separated particles into an external receptacle which must be emptied regularly by the operator.

The electrostatic precipitator OekoRona M is equipped with electrical or hydraulic heating to prevent condensation.

Remote maintenance: Adjustments can be made and operating errors can be remotely monitored and remedied. This increases the filter availability and reduces maintenance costs.


The OekoRona M is available in different sizes. The dimensions depend on the power range of the boiler to be equipped as well as its fuel and can be customized.



Feinstaubabscheider-OekoRonaM-6M OekoRona M - Referenz
OekoRona 6M in Mels, 550 kW – W50, wood chip firing OekoRona 5M at the high-school in Vaduz, Liechtenstein OekoRona 3M at the school in Carvico IT, wood chip firing 540 kW – W50 Insight from the production site


Electrostatic precipitator OekoRona M


  • For all pellet and wood chip boilers
  • Fully automatic mechanical and very quiet cleaning system
  • High efficiency of PM removal
  • Very low operating costs
  • Retro-fit possible
  • Reliable in negative or excessive pressure
  • Fully integrated bypass system
  • Very low energy consumption
  • Various installation heights avaliable
  • Flexible ash removal 
  • Max. raw flue gas temperature of 250°C

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