OekoRona - Electrostatic filter for your wood-fired heaters

Up to 300 kW

The electrostatic precipitator OekoRona is suitable for all automatic wood-fired systems, using wood chips, pellets or wood logs with an output of up to 300 kW. The electrostatic separator is mounted in the boiler room and can be used as a retrofit or for new installations. The mechanical cleaning mechanism enables a fully automatic operation and reduces maintenance to a minimum.

Operating Principle

The particle separator OekoRona operates on the electrostatic principle. The separated particulate matter is removed by a sliding device from the separator tubes and then falls into an ash receptacle. The filter can optionally be equipped with an automatic ash removal system. The separator is automatically activated by an electric signal from the boiler or using a temperature probe. The operating parameters can be easily set on a touch display.


Operation and Maintenance

The ash drawer or recptacle must be emptied regularly by the operator. To ensure long-term functionality, OekoSolve recommends servicing the filter annually. The maintenance work can be performed by a trained specialist (e.g. chimney sweep, heating technician, etc.) or by OekoSolve personnel.


Feinstaubfilter OekoRona von OekoSolve Feinstaubfilter-OekoRona-110kW Feinstaubfilter-OekoRona- Feinstaubfilter-OekoRona-70kW
Electrostatic precipitator OekoRona 150 Castel San Pietro Description following shortly Description following shortly OekoRona in Malters


Electrostatic precipitator OekoRona


  • High efficiency of precipitation
  • Fully automatic mechanical cleaning system
  • Compact construction
  • Low wear and tear; low maintenance needed
  • Easy to retro-fit
  • Operational for negative or excess pressure
  • Insulation (low draught loss)
  • Low use of energy
  • For pellet, log wood, wood chip and coal boilers
  • Output up to 1 MW capacity


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