OekoTube-Inside: Electrostatic precipitator for your wood firing

Up to 100 kW

The electrostatic precipitator OekoTube-Inside is approved for wood firing up to 100 kW and is mounted in the boiler room. This filter is also available with a semi-automatic cleaning system. By adding simple additional measures such as longer separation distance, longer electrodes or by widening the diameter, the separation efficiency and cleaning intervals can be optimized. We recommend such as amendments for outputs over 50 kW.

How it works

oekotube_funktionsprinzipThe particle filter OekoTube-Inside functions according to the electrostatic principle. The following graphics illustrate the mode of action of the fine dust filter:

01 Fine dust particles flow with the exhaust air through the exhaust duct.

02 Electrons are released by a high voltage electrode.

03 The electrons move to the chimney wall by electrostatic forces. The fine dust particles become charged and move to the wall.

04 The particulate matter accumulates on the chimney wall and clumps to coarse flakes. These deposits are easily removed during cleaning by the chimney sweep.

Electrostatic filters offer several advantages:

  • High effectiveness even with small particles
  • No pull or pressure loss
  • Low maintenance and operating costs
  • No wearing parts

The OekoTube-Inside will be delivered with a pipe with a length of 500 or 1000 mm and can be installed by the chimney-maker in the flue pipe between boiler and fireplace inlet. The control electronics are mounted separately at the wall. A cleaning opening must be provided in front or behind the OekoTube-Inside.



A second option is the flue tube installation, which allows the the OekoTube-Inside to be fitted at an existing fireplace. A template is used to cut an opening in the existing chimney. The insulator chamber is fastened to the chimney via the opening with tension locks, – afterwards the electrode will be centered. Depending on current situation, dimensions and the chimney guide, the electrode can be shortened if necessary.

Operation and maintenance

The OekoTube-Inside automatically switches on and off via a temperature sensor. The particulate matter adhere to the inside of the stainless steel tube and become coarse particles. In this condition, particulate matter no longer poses a threat to our health.

During the fire control by the chimney sweep, the OekoTube-Inside can easily be cleaned. The separated fine dust can be removed with a conventional chimney brush. The flexible electrode evades the brush and does not need to be removed for cleaning.




OekoTube-Inside 130
OekoTube-Inside 130, Flue tube installation (pdf)
OekoTube-Inside 130-500 (pdf)

OekoTube-Inside 150
OekoTube-Inside 150, Flue tube installation (pdf)
OekoTube-Inside 150-500 (pdf)

OekoTube-Inside 180
OekoTube-Inside 180, Flue tube installation (pdf)
OekoTube-Inside 180-500 (pdf)
OekoTube-Inside 180-1000 (pdf)

OekoTube-Inside 200
OekoTube-Inside 200, Flue tube installation (pdf)
OekoTube-Inside 200-1000 (pdf)

Mounted in the wall (pdf)

In addition, reductions of different diameters are available. These allow a seamless transition from the chimney pipe to the OekoTube-Inside, where the pipe and the electrostatic precipitator have different diameters.


OekoTube-Inside for automatic wood stoves up to 50 kW Installation of the ESP OekoTube-Inside in diagonal position  Installation of the OekoTube-Inside in upright position The OekoTube-Inside can easily be mounted in almost every furnace room


Feinstaubfilter OekoTube-Inside Lager der Produktionsstätte der Feinstaubfilter OekoTube
Details of OekoTube-Inside Walled-in OekoTube-Inside High-quality protection Insight at the production site

Electrostatic precipitator OekoTube-Inside


    • Suitable for all wood and coal fires, central heating systems fuelled with wood logs, wood chips or pellets
    • Gas tight so it can be installed in enclosed rooms
    • Highly efficient reducing emission
    • Massively improves the air quality
    • Can be easily retro-fitted
    • Very easy to clean and maintain by the chimney sweep

      Technical parameters

    • High-voltage 15-30 kW
    • Max. power rating: 30 kW
    • Standy mode: 0.7

Flyer (pdf)