Electrostatic precipitator OekoTube for your wood stoves

Up to 50 kW

The OekoTube electrostatic filter substantially reduces your particulate matter (PM) from small wood-fired stoves including open fireplaces, free standing wood stoves, pellet stoves and coal stoves. 


The electrostatic precipitator (ESP) OekoTube is designed and suitable for all wood fires with a capacity below 50 kW and is mounted on top of the chimney or it can be inserted next to the wood stove with the ESP OekoTube-Inside.

The OekoTube filter can easily be fitted to new or retrofitted to existing wood-heating systems with most chiney types. 

Construction and Installation


The stainless steel cover protects the inside of the electrostatic precipitator from the effects of the weather and the environment from the high voltage electrode. The electronic controls and the electrode holder are attached to the separation module. The electrode is inserted into the flue via the electrode holder.

The electrode is 1.5 m long and its width is 10 mm. The cross-section and the updraft of the chimney are thus hardly affected.

The OekoTube is inserted on the chimney top on the roof. By installing the electrostatic precipitator, the chimney is raised by approx. 25 cm. The OekoTube is available for a flue diameter between 130-400 mm.

For the installation of the electrode, the chimney must be at least two meters in vertical length.
The electrical supply of the OekoTube requires a standard electrical outlet (230 V / 50 Hz AC) at the installation site.


How it works

oekotube_funktionsprinzipElectrostatic precipitators (ESP) have various advantages and are highly efficient in the successful removal of fine dust particulate matter (PM).The OekoTube filter operates on the electrostatic principle as demonstrated in the following diagrams.

01 Fine dust particles are suspended in the hot exhaust.
02 The high voltage electrode releases electrons inside the chimney.
03 The electrones move to the cimney wall driven by the electrostatic forces.
04 The particulate matter then collects and accumulates inside the inner wall of the chimney and forms larger aggregate flakes. These can then be removed during the annual maintenance.

Operation and maintenance

The chimney updraft is not affected by the operation of the particle separator. For the power supply, a connection cable or an electric outlet (230 V /50Hz AC) are required at the installation site. The electrostatic precipitator is automatically activated by a temperature sensor.

Cleaning the electrostatic filter is easy. During the regular chimney sweeping the separated particulate matter can be removed with a conventional chimney brush. The flexible electrode does not need to be removed during this process.


5 OekoTube mit Abdeckung und ohne Kamindach, Saas Fee
5 OekoTubes (copper) in Saas Fee  2 OekoTubes (copper)  2 OekoTube at the University FHNW in Switzerland No alterations on existing chimneys necessary


OekoTube in Gais, Scheuss Ofenbau, Appenzell  OekoTube in in copper Electrostatic precipitator OekoTube attached to chimney made of stone OekoTube at a mountain hut (restaurant)

Electrostatic precipitator (ESP)



  • Suitable for small wood fire facilities like open fireplaces, free standing wood stoves, coal stoves, central heating systems fuelled with wood logs, shavings or wood chips below the capacity of 50 kW
  • Proven and officially tested efficiency of 95%
  • Can easily be fitted on any kind of chimeys
  • Automatically functions and regulates
  • Easy cleaning by be chimney sweeper
  • Robust, sturdy and long-lasting


  • Power consumption: max 30 W
  • Standby: less than 1 W
  • Power supply: 230V AC
  • Exhaust gas temperature: up to 400 degrees Celsius
  • Filtering efficiency: 95% 


  • A minimum of two metres vertically downward length from the top of the chimney
  • Avaliability of a direct power supply (230V AC)
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